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Outside Looking In, or This May Smell Bad, Kid…

July 8, 2012 Comments off

The ennui and melancholy of forced cheer on my origin server cry out for the pen of Remarque, or perhaps Papa Hemingway. I cannot render it adequately. There’s something irrefutably early-1920s in the atmosphere – perhaps it’s the bankrupcy of old dreams, combined with a sense of resentment at those who effaced them with their blunders. Perhaps it’s the vague feeling of generational responsibility. There’s certainly the requisite terrible absence of new blood – while there are signs that 1.3 aroused some new interest in the game, it benefitted only the destination servers.

Hard to blame the new subscribers and alt-rollers, really, for making rational choices. The writing is on the wall.  Bioware, as everyone knows, is now bribing us with Black Hole commendations and a pet to get the hell out of Dodge. The system announcement megaphone seems to be blaring more frequently, too. And yet, for all that, my guild leader is unable to get a straight answer about whether or not, or perhaps less naively: in what manner,  the old servers will close.

Still (are those distant strains of jazz I hear?) one carries on. I was exceedingly grateful for the threat buffs in 1.3 as I shook some of my PvE tanking rust off in Kaon, in the company of other server survivors. As far as PvP goes, the resolved compromise is simply to roll new alts on one of the destination servers. If the situation lasts until 1.4, we might make some sort of all-Cathar premade, for laughs. The community of… 19 concurrent users on a weekend evening is probably better than any community in any MMO out there. ‘Gaming’ the group finder by coordinating who queues is particularly amusing. I have no doubt that we will hold out until they shut us down, but there is a part of me that wouldn’t mind experiencing and writing about the game as it flourishes outside the asylum.

D3 sidenote: I’ve done a little bit of Inferno Warrior’s Rest farming (get to Warrior’s Rest checkpoint, kill the easy pack within, leave, resume) and I equipped a single rare drop out of about a hundred rares (as well as two poorly-rolled legendaries) as a small improvement over a piece of gear bought for under 100k. If that does not demonstrate the AH-centricity of the game, I don’t know what will.

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