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Guardian PvP, Quick Endorsement

May 1, 2012

Players who frequent the official forums will probably have seen this, but I would like to give props to Ladispute of The Watchmen on The Corsair server for his daily (as long as he keeps it up, at least) Guardian PvP stream:


You may quarrel with some of the things you see, and he readily admits that his pure-defence playstyle will be less effective in pug warzones without at least a couple Watchmen mates. However, the man is personable, polite and committed to Guardian PvP education, answering even the most inane questions patiently on his stream’s chat. We don’t have many resources of this quality for beginners, and we ought to be grateful.

Ladispute runs War Leader gear (yes, with defence/absorb) and his commitment to his deep defence build is endearing, because it captures the essence of what a tank ought to be in PvP. He’s a snaring, guard-switching, cc-ing machine, a node holder/force multiplier without much interest in personal damage. I jumped that ship almost immediately after 1.2, and I stand by the decision, but I do feel compromised by it.

The basic debate over tank PvP specs at the moment is: Hilt Strike + Inner Peace in Defence versus Commanding Awe + Overhead Slash + Force Rush in Vigilance, with Stasis Mastery of course being the pivot everyone takes. I expect Ladispute goes through its motions with freshly-baptised 1.2 CA Guardians daily – I certainly gave him one. To the argument that ranged/melee mitigation is near useless because most classes’ powerful specials are all force/tech attack types, which bypass it, his answer is to do a better job interrupting and ccing damage dealers while retaining the benefits of said mitigation. To the argument that the CA spec provides a huge jump in offensive potential at the cost of very little mitigation loss, he insists that we are better off taking another CC (Hilt Strike) and protecting those classes which can actually deal massive damage. Easy to say, mutters the cynic, when you are assured the presence of players worthy of such single-minded protection in your premades, but it is a wholesome attitude very much in the Soresu spirit.

Anyway, worth checking out the stream, at least for as long as it lasts.

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