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RL > MMO or Another Spot of Mittens Rubbish

April 5, 2012

The Mittens firestorm is slowly dying down, giving way to speculation on the impact of his Jita gankfest, which is presumably a relief and a goal achieved for Mittens and his beleaguered wife. As so often in these cases, what lingers most vividly in memory is not the antagonist’s sordid little transgression but all the equivocating, lawyering, shifting of goalposts, philosophical handwaving, axe-grinding, hole-digging and posturing it engendered.

No amount of casuistry can efface the basic fact of Suicidegate: encouraging attempts to effect a man’s suicide was morally wrong. The medium does not matter. The context does not matter. The likelihood of success does not matter. No, it is not in the same league as merely refusing to yield to emotional blackmail via suicide threat. The intent was to generate enough harrassment for the poor bastard to kill himself irl. Which is wrong. End of story.

As to the burning of Jita, its irreversible link with the Reykjavik Douchebaggery annoys me. I do not believe CCP should lift a finger to stop it and I’m sure it will be tremendous fun. Precisely the sort of ‘griefing’ that EVE players should get up to. I understand The Mittani wishes to market the event as a bit of a fightback after the well-earned consequences of his idiocy, to drive home the point that he is not castrated by the whole thing. Fair enough, of course. The man is gifted at the perceptions game, after all. The annoying part is the creeping insinuation that the mentality that would relish driving a man to irl suicide for entertainment is the essential mentality of EVE, required for the sort of dastardly corporate warfare for which the game is rightly cherished. That unless one is willing to leave one’s sense of proportion, boundaries and human decency at the door, one has no business playing EVE. That without the attempt to destroy the player behind The Wis there could be no burning of Jita. It is, fortunately, a giant non-sequitur, but it tarnishes the game needlessly.

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