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Tarisian Ale or Happy Holidays

December 24, 2011

I spent the last couple of my SW:TOR days on Taris.

It’s a depressing, post-apocalyptic trash-heap of a place, and that’s just too good to pass up. Debris from its once majestic skyscrapers is a constant feature of terrain. Plenty of KOTOR nostalgia, including the wreck of the original Endar Spire. Rakghouls and Mandies and crackpots and looters, as Julie Andrews might have sung.

We ferreted out all the datacrons (minor stat boosters set in difficult-to-reach places to encourage exploration) and found all the lore objects. I even got my first semi-serious tanking gig in the form of a pick-up raid for Subject Alpha, the giant rakghoul world boss in the acid lake of Brill Sediment. As a quick summary, he is best done with two tanks since he performs an Archavon-style toss-in-the-air/aggro drop combo; his other mechanic of significance is player-targeted gas clouds which one moves out of. All in all, Taris wasn’t entirely unkind to us in our self-directed TOR gameplay.

Unfortunately, the big disappointment came at the end, when it became clear that the meta-achievement for Taris is, at the moment, impossible to nab. A required heroic quest line has not been implemented yet. Alas, early days.

Anyway, it is the 24th, and it is time to Get A Life™, briefly. Here’s to a good season and new year, in TOR, EVE, WoW and that ill-designed free-to-play known as the real world.

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