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Molten Front or SW:TOR Launch Q&A

December 22, 2011

Just a quick post with a week-old link. For my own reference as much as anything else.

The most satisfying paragraph in the above is:

Can you give any kind of rough idea of when the first new content patch will be released? Also, can you say what players can expect in a typical new patch (such as a new planet or something of the sort)? 

James Ohlen: I can’t give an exact date, but we do want to be releasing it on a regular basis. I can say that the new content will be focused around high-level content such as operations, flashpoints, warzones, and often this stuff will be based on new planets, because we really want to have new environments for the player experience.

GameSpy: You’ve put an incredible amount of work into making fully voiced questlines for TOR. Will all future content be fully voiced and, if so, will that impact the rate at which new content is released? 

James Ohlen: Yes, we are going to have fully voiced content, and yes, the recording aspect does affect the rate at which we can release it, which is why we’ve been planning for it ahead of time. Creating our content is more difficult than creating content for an RPG that doesn’t have voice work because there you don’t have to go through the process of finding voice actors, recording it, bringing it back, and working in the cinematics and all that stuff. To compensate for this, we have a long lead time for everything. We’ve had the scripts for our future content done for quite a while, and we already have a lot of our future content ready to go almost immediately after launch. We have a lot of content in the pipes and some of it is in various stages of completion, but we’ve gotten used to working with content on such a large scale over the last six years. If we didn’t, we’d be screwed.

Which means that Bioware aren’t daft, realise that they need a big buffer given their slow content generation, and probably have the next content patch already sitting on ice. I wonder if it was included in the original development costs.

Tobold argues that TOR, at endgame, will suffer from the Tortage Effect, which is MMO-geek jargon for a content bait-and-switch. In a shocking and unxpected move, I disagree. First, while I’m not a fishing man, I have trouble envisioning the eight-course feast that Bioware served up  dangling at the end of a hook. Second, I think there will be decent endgame in TOR, though it certainly won’t be some kind of Revolutionary Endgame that would wet the dessicated palates of jaded bloggers. Yes, it’ll be quite recognisable to anyone who played WoW. Possibly more recognisable to someone who left WoW after TBC, if my tea leaf reading and attunement to the vibe suggested by early flashpoints are worth anything. Third, I predict if there’s any effect TOR endgame will suffer from, it will be the Quel’Danas/Argent Tournament/Molten Front effect: new planets with hours of quest gameplay likely related to whatever new Operation is part of that patch. Those storylines (the parallel with WoW ends here) will be voiced, engaging and well-written. The quest lines will eventually culminate in gear rewards which will be attractive enough for all of the galaxy to head over and do it to keep up with the Joneses and better prep for the Operation.

And that will be okay.

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