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Touching Down

December 16, 2011

Finally in. Regrettably, got the opportunity to play only for a few hours before scheduled maintenance, but fun was had.

Having recreated Sullas and my IA from beta, in addition to having made another couple of characters who struck my fancy, I found the continued inability to transfer UI setups between characters to be a little irksome. And the UI itself does not fail to leave things to be desired. What I wouldn’t give for macros!

Another small disappointment is that hardware requirements have apparently risen since beta testing. One of my friends who had no previous trouble found himself unpleasantly surprised by choppiness, brought about by increased terrain cosmetics. My posse is slightly hobbled until the gentleman in question upgrades his display means.

Otherwise, all is great. Travelling with a consular friend and soon to be joined by a trooper, the difficulty of early questing is utterly trivialised, of course. But SW:TOR storymode play is still very good storymode. I find that I am not bored by repeating the Jedi starter area. While I have a vague memory of where to go and what to do next, the mannerisms of the quest-givers remain entertaining, and it all helps reacclimatise oneself within Tython. This bodes well for the future. Perhaps there is simply something fundamentally immersive about someone who wants something from you in an MMO actually talking to you about it interactively, as they might in real life. Perhaps one day this will be seen as an obvious and required feature and we’ll wonder how we managed to entertain ourselves by merely hitting a red ‘Accept’ button and feverishly hunting down the objective location on the map while summoning our sparkle pony. Stranger things have happened.

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