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Holding Pattern

December 13, 2011

Awaiting my own Early Access with restrained anticipation, I have taken to sighing deeply at the whininess and entitlement expectations on full display on the official forums. The arguable generosity of the EA being phased-in two days before originally promised has been pocketed by the user-base and long forgotten. At present, it’s all about whether July preorders, despite chronological advantage, aren’t getting the short-end of the stick on account of being the largest single pre-order blob.

As I skim the full spectrum of outpourings, from angry to the kiddily-cutesy, but all amounting to ME WANT IN GAME NOW BECAUSE IT IS ME, my thoughts skitter down dark avenues. It is the virtual equivalent of those lethal Black Friday Wal-Mart crushes because a waffle-iron dropped to quarter price. I realise that I would not wish to share any gaming experience with most of those people.

This isn’t Bioware’s fault, and in any case, my disappointment with our new game’s player base is unfair; the forumers are just a vocal minority. That said, I think Bioware is needlessly fanning the flames. As everyone knows by now, Bioware sends out early access emails to its pre-order customers in three waves (or so; we got a bonus one today) per day. I am not sure if it’s really wise of Bioware to issue Twitter updates of this and to crank up the tension (for many people, at any rate) to 11 with this hour-by-hour tactic. I also think they should have hedged their commitment to “access according to pre-order date” since it seems they are having trouble with it.

On the bright side, hey, we have the North American server list. The unofficial hub RP server, based on Bioware’s guild assignments and coordination efforts by the good people of The Old Republic Roleplay, appears to be Lord Adraas, and my friends have opted to settle there. My favourite server name is undoubtedly Space Slug.

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