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Crucible, or Every Six Seconds…

December 9, 2011

In Koba the Dread, his reflections on Stalin, Stalinism and their evolving moral assessment in the West, Martin Amis observes that “given total power over another, the human being will find that his thoughts turn to torture.” There is a certain chilling and irrefutable logic here, revolving around the axis of totality: total power implies no emotional hold by the captive over the captor, for that is a form of reverse power, however slight, and by extension it implies no need of the captive by the captor. When no other transaction is required, all that remains is gruesome entertainment.

EVE remains entertaining, in its way. The Crucible expansion did not bring too much to a plebe like me who will never be concerned with fleet warfare balancing – though, as I’m Minmatar and enjoy messing around with tangential speed and small ships, the destroyer buff might be fun. There are a few small conveniences, not least to do with UI, and everything does look much prettier. I find I’m not especially concerned with the Captain’s Quarters stuff; when I log on, I want to be out in silent, cold vacuum, represented only by my ship, as much as possible.

I like EVE for what it is, yet I cannot help but feel a certain measure of amusement when I read some of the blogger paeans to the game. It reminds me of a certain hilarious kind of tourist machismo – the same individuals who would make a terrible fuss over being served the wrong preparation of filet at Bistro de Paris of Disney World will happily subsist on iron rations and canteen water as they trek through a well-marketed “real thing” wilderness, celebrating every mosquito sting and every injection of sand into their nether regions as affirmation of their ruggedness.

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