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Soresu, or The Best Offence Is A Good Defence

November 22, 2011

There are three things I tend to do in MMOs, on the whole. The first is to quest whimsically and often stupidly, getting gloriously lost and distracted and picking, shall we say, creative solutions to problems presented. This often gets me, and my patient long-time gaming buddy, killed even in situations where the designers try to spoonfeed us levels with the assumption that we are near-comatose on a steady diet of paste. The second is to PvP, or at least try it where it is optional. The third, at level cap, is to gravitate to support classes where I actually do things by the book and fairly well out of a sense of responsibility to my potential group mates.

When wearing that third hat, tanking is an appealing option. For good psychological reasons. well-covered by the cognoscenti, people dislike the role, creating tanking shortages in WoW and elsewhere. I generally like it. Philosophically, I enjoy the idea of taking it on the chin for a cause and being prepared to spare others pain. Mechanically, and less nobly, I like controlling the pace of the fight and do not quite trust other people with it. I am not heaven’s gift to tanking, by any means, but better the devil I know (me) than a stranger. With control comes the opportunity for good manners. Indeed, where healing tends to be the greatest force multiplier and carry the greatest potential for ‘stardom’, i.e. saving the day in the face of terrible odds, weaker group- and raid-mates, etc., the tank is the wing of the trinity with the greatest potential to make things easier and less stressful on everyone.

With SW:TOR, the RPG element of the MMO (it’s interesting how those three letters were the ones to disappear from the commonly-used acronym for the genre) is never far behind. Happily, my predilection for tanking dovetails nicely with the cliché desire to swing a classic one single-bladed lightsaber and my admiration of Form III, the highly defensive fencing style permitting the Jedi to reason with his enemies as they wear themselves down with their own fury. So, Guardian it is, moving as needed between Vigilance and Defence builds.

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